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Meta comes from the greek word μετά, a preposition meaning 'beyond'. In the title 'meta' also refers to metabolism.

Therefore, the main aim of MetaCycling is to go beyond the pure biochemistry/metabolism of exercise and translate science into practice for improving endurance performance in cycling, but also beyond cycling.

I have been lucky to earn a PhD working with world-leaders in the topics of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism in Australia (see publications for further details). I continue working on these topics as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences as my main (full-time) job, trying to find interventions to further enhance performance of endurance athletes.

A strong believer of 'real-world' practice as an essential component for providing depth of view to research, I don't only spend time in the physiology lab or writing numbers on notepads and spreadsheets, but also on the field working directly with athletes and coaches. Part of this duty includes coaching a limited number of medium, high and top-level athletes in Australia, and consultation with top-level athletes, coaches and directeur sportif from Australia, Argentina and Norway. Additionally I am a competitive road-cyclist at the highest level that my time-constraints allow.

You can see more about what I have done and my current interests on the publications page, or simply by reading the blog-posts or following @jlAreta on Twitter. If you would like to ask me any questions, please check my contact details. All enquiries are welcome.

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