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These are some of the resources I have used or use for some of the aspects related to endurance training, physiology, nutrition, metabolism, performance and other relevant topics.

I explicitly report no conflict of interest. These web-pages are here because they are (or are intended to be) good quality resources for endurance sports athletes and coaches.

Links will be updated with time.

Power Analysis and Training software: 

WKO/Training peaks --> On-line and desktop software (respectively) of the popular company based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The founders of this company (mainly Andrew Coggan [Add link to andrew coggan's profile) have a very strong background in physiology and metabolism research and have defined important (useful) metrics like Normalized Power (NP), Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Training Stress Score (TSS) and others. 

Golden Cheetah --> Another popular tool for desktop power analysis but this one is freeware. Golden cheetah to some extent emulates the WKO/training peaks environment using some of the metrics created by TrainingPeaks, but uses the critical power (CP) model. While the WKO/Training peaks model is not (yet) validated in the scientific literature, there has been quite some research on the CP model. 

Today's plans --> On-line training software of the Australian-based 'FTP training' coaching group lead by head coach Mark Fenner. I haven't tried it myself and can't say much about it, but FTP training coaches some pretty good cyclists and works with Avanti-Isowhey UCI continental team, which punches well above its weight. I would be surprised if it was not good. 

Zwift --> Released in 2015 (beta version), Zwift has revolutionised indoor training. Addictive as good computer games, useful as solid indoor training. Not a training/power analysis tool, but is so good that I couldn't left it out of this page.


Wattage group --> Forum created by founders of WKO/Training peaks; which they 'attend' very regularly, together with quite a few people in the cutting edge of all the things related to training with power. The forum is quite restricted and you need to apply to join.

Alex cycling blog --> Really cool blog of coach Alex Simmons, one of the head-coaches of RST sport. It has got a lot of concise data and analyses pertaining to training with power and several other different aspects related to training.

Iñigo Mujika --> Blog of Basque Sports Scientist Iñigo Mujika. Iñigo is a world-renowned sport scientists with several scientific publications and first-hand experience with multiple world-class endurance athletes. 

CyclingTips --> Australian web-page publishing mainly news related to the world of cycling. CyclingTips was originated as a blog and retains some of that legacy despite having turned a more 'professional' sort of cycling news type of web-page. 

Cycling races videos and streaming:

Cycling Torrents --> Torrent-based sharing system for current and old races. Races are uploaded hours or minutes after they happened. Not sure if it is legal or not. Use at your own risk. --> On-line streaming of races, uses many servers. Another one that I'm not sure it is legal or not. Use at your own risk.


Science of Ultra podcast--> Several top-quality speakers (researches, coaches and athletes) are invited to talk about topics related to ultra-running performance. Most of it is applicable to cycling and other endurance sports.

Guru performance --> International Society of Sports Nutrition associated podcasts by Laurent Bannock. They have a whole lot of great speakers (mainly researchers in exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism). A great resource to stay updated with the latest information provided by (mainly) experts in their fields. 

PaceyPerformance --> I haven't heard any of these podcasts but have some great speakers, might be worth listening to it 

The telegraph cycling --> More of a 'cycling news' type of podcast, but it still has interesting information mainly from the UK cycling scene. 

Cycling time-trial --> Podcasts about all things related to time-trials.


Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Sport Nutrition department web-page --> Though relatively limited for non-AIS athletes/staff, this site contains a lot of useful recipes, general information and fact-sheets. The wisdom of Louise Burke is behind all the topics related to sports nutrition in this resource. Not to be missed. Probably the first place to check out for facts and quality information for non-specialised readers.

The Food Champions --> Lead by English Institute of Sport (EIS) Nutrition, this page has some very nice design and great recipes that makes you want go straight into the kitchen and cook them.

My sport science --> Beyond the name, and provided that it is led by Asker Jeukendrup, its main emphasis is on nutrition. Many easy-to-understand infographics and short, concise articles on relevant topics in sports nutrition.


Not my field of expertise, but I've came across some good links in this area:

Cyclingpowerlab --> I don't know who are the people running this web-page, but it strikes me as a good resource. 

BestBikeSplit --> Another TraininPeaks resource. I haven't used it and can't say anything negative or positive about them, but it looks interesting 

AeroCoach --> UK based company headed by Xavier Disley (another RSTsport coach), uses power-analysis to optimise bike positioning and minimise drag. 

Scientific Journals:

A handful of scientific journals and resources related to exercise physiology, nutrition and performance. The list of journals could be VERY LONG, so I just picked some relevant ones: 

Science and Cycling Journal --> Started in 2012, this new open-source scientific journal is exclusively dedicated to Science in Cycling and Triathlon. Edited by Mikel Zabala (Movistar Team) and Manuel Mateo-March, this journal is associated to the 'cycling research center' which is the 'brain' behind all things performance for the Movistar Professional Cycling Team. 

The Journal of Applied Physiology --> One of my favourite scientific journals. Belongs to The American Physiological Society. 

The Journal of Physiology --> Another one of my favourite scientific journals. Belongs to The Physiological Society. Publications are free 12 months after publication. 

Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise --> Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. 

European Journal of Applied Physiology --> Another good journal of integrative physiology.

SportScience --> On-line peer review journal edited by Will Hopkins with a strong emphasis on Statistics. 

Clearing house for sport --> Not a scientific journal but has a great deal of resources related to sport (I was not quite sure to in which category to put this page). It belongs to the Australian Government and access to resources is limited for non-Australian sport affiliated individuals. 

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